As a man, you might find that you have a totally unique definition of what gender transition means to you. This definition may include hormone treatments, surgeries, lifestyle and career changes, or all or none of the above. When it comes to a major surgical procedure like a bottom surgery in Los Angeles also called phalloplasty, it’s likely that you have unique ideas about that, too. Some of Dr. Sinclair’s patients see it as the necessary final step before they can consider their male transition finished. Other men see it as a practical step they want to take once they’ve settled down, years after they considered their transition to be over with.

However you personally view it, moving forward with phalloplasty is a decision that you’ve no doubt put a lot of thought and consideration into. Dr. Sinclair understands the journey you’ve taken to get to this critical point, and he has a deep respect for the courage it takes to undergo phalloplasty. As a trusted expert in Gender Confirmation Surgery, he is honored to be considered as your surgeon for this life changing step of your transition.

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How is Female to Male Bottom Surgery Performed?

There are generally two surgical procedures available to men who are seeking gender confirmation.

Metoidioplasty is a surgical procedure in which the ligaments which hold the clitoris in place are released, allowing it to hang away from the body to provide the genitals with a more masculine appearance.

Phalloplasty is a set of surgical procedures in which male genitals are constructed utilizing tissue from the forearm and genitals, and from thighs and/or abdomen in certain cases. This set of procedures consists of a scrotoplasty, in which a scrotum is created, along with a glansplasty to create the sensitive head of the penis. Testicular augmentation can be performed to create testicles with a natural appearance and feel. Finally, urethroplasty can be performed, so that the patient can urinate from a standing position.

What Are The Requirements for Phalloplasty?

As per WPATH guidelines, we require letters of recommendation from two separate mental healthcare providers, along with hormone replacement therapy documentation from your primary care provider. Electrolysis treatments will be needed to totally remove the hair from the forearm, so that it can be used as a radial skin graft for the construction of the phallus.

A radiology exam will need to be performed prior to surgery, along with a general blood health test. Depending on your age, weight, overall level of health, or other special considerations, you may need to undergo additional tests prior to surgery.

What Can I Expect During FTM Bottom Surgery?

FTM Bottom Surgery is often used as a blanket statement for what is actually a series of procedures. These procedures may be performed in rapid sequential order or slowly over a span of years. Typically, male patients begin the Masculinizing Bottom Surgery process with a hysterectomy, oophorectomy, and vaginectomy.

If you choose to, your eggs can be frozen at this stage of the phalloplasty process. These procedures will be carefully performed so as to not impact the lower portion of the lower abdomen, nerves, and base of the mons, in preparation for the surgical stages to follow. After the neo phallus and testicles have been created, the urethra will be connected so that you will be able to urinate in a standing position.

What is the Recovery from FTM Bottom Surgery Like?

Before each stage of your FTM bottom surgery, you will need to secure a comfortable space to recover. This can be your home, a close friend or family member’s home, or recovery center. It is important that you have someone who can assist you with everyday tasks for the first few days following surgery. At your pre-op visits, you will be given detailed before and after care instructions and Dr. Sinclair will address any questions or concerns you may have.

Dr. Sinclair and his staff will be available to speak to you by phone, in person, or by e-mail should you have any questions or need support before or after surgery. When your surgical date comes, you will be confident, comfortable, and knowledgeable on what to expect.

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