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Vaginoplasty Beverly Hills | Vaginal Construction Genitoplasty

For many transitioning women, Gender Confirmation Surgery is considered to be the most critical step in female gender affirmation. Dr. Sinclair’s patients have described it as the ultimate liberation, as they no longer feel as if they are trapped in a body that isn’t theirs, especially in their most private or vulnerable moments.

GCS is a procedure that will create undeniably powerful changes in a transgender person’s life. For those of you who are seeking GCS, Dr. Alexander Sinclair is proud to be a part of this critical moment in your transition. Dr. Sinclair is one of the most sought after surgeons for vaginoplasty Beverly Hills has to offer.

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What is a Vaginoplasty?

A vaginoplasty, or GCS, also called Sexual Reassignment Surgery, Gender Reassignment Surgery, is a surgical procedure in which a neo-vagina is created using existing penile tissue. The goal in creating a neo-vagina is to provide you with aesthetically beautiful female genitals with physical sensation and urinary functionality. The vaginal canal will be crafted with as much width and depth as possible, so that you can enjoy vaginal intercourse should you so choose.

The vast majority of Dr. Sinclair’s Beverly Hills vaginoplasty patients report the ability to orgasm via the clitoris and through vaginal intercourse. Dr. Sinclair is a board certified plastic surgeon with an expertise in transgender surgery. He will put his surgical skills and artistic ability to use to minimize post-op scars, and provide you with a vagina that has a natural look and feel.

How Should I Prepare for Vaginoplasty?

Preparing your body, as well as your mind, is an important factor leading up to your Gender Confirmation Surgery. You will need to provide a letter of recommendation from 2 separate mental health specialists. Additionally, medical records demonstrating at least 1 year of continuous HRT is required, as per WPATH guidelines. Dr. Sinclair advises that you go through electrolysis sessions in order to permanently remove the hair from your genital region, prior to your Los Angeles vaginoplasty. Much of your genital tissue will be utilized in the creation of your neo-vagina, and the last thing you want is hair growing inside your vaginal canal.

Dr. Sinclair requires that you cease HRT (and any blood-thinning medications) two weeks before and two weeks following your gender confirmation surgery. It is also important that you maintain a healthy weight leading up to your Vaginoplasty procedure. Dr. Sinclair advises you to totally quit smoking at least 30 days before surgery, but the longer you are smoke-free, the better. During your pre-operative visit, additional written instructions will be provided, along with dilation guidelines.

What is the Electrolysis Process Like?

Genital electrolysis can be a very time consuming process for many patients, sometimes taking up to a year or more to complete. While hair removal via electrolysis is permanent and (unlike lasers) works on any skin profile, it can be very painful. Often, patients will only be able to withstand the discomfort for 15-30 minutes at most per session.

To remedy this, Dr. Sinclair can inject a numbing agent to block nerve sensation in the genital region during vaginoplasty, allowing a patient to undergo a pain-free 3 to 5 hour electrolysis session. This can greatly speed up the process, usually allowing a patient to be fully cleared within 3 to 5 months at most.

How is Gender Confirmation Surgery Performed?

There are a few techniques utilized in Vaginoplasty (GCS, SRS, GRS). However, Dr. Sinclair prefers to use the Penile Inversion Technique to create your neo-vagina. This technique is recommended by the Center for Excellence for Transgender Health and has been used and perfected over decades. The Colorectal Gender Confirmation Surgery option is available, as well. Here is a very general breakdown of how your surgery will be performed:

  • The penis and scrotum are removed, and the tissue is utilized to create your neo-vagina.
  • The labia are sculpted from the scrotal skin, and the clitoris is crafted utilizing tissue and nerves from the sensitive head of the penis, ensuring that all nerve endings stay active.
  • The former penis is inverted and used to create the canal and lining of your neo-vagina.
  • The prostate is left intact allowing you to have stimulation similar to the sensation of a G-spot during vaginal intercourse.
  • In very rare cases, Dr. Sinclair may graft additional skin from the hip, abdomen, or thigh to provide adequate vaginal canal depth.

What will my Gender Confirmation Experience be Like?

Vaginoplasty is a lengthy procedure that requires the highest level of surgical skill and specific expertise. You will be placed under general anesthesia, asleep and free from any pain or discomfort during the procedure. Then, Dr. Sinclair will carefully begin your transformation with meticulous attention to detail, sculpting natural-looking and physically receptive female genitals.

Assisting surgeon, Urologist Dr. John Kowalczyk will work closely with Dr. Sinclair to ensure proper urinary function and female urethral appearance. The entire surgical procedure generally lasts between three and five hours.

What is the Recovery from Vaginoplasty Like?

You will most likely stay in the hospital for three nights and four days following your Gender Confirmation Vaginoplasty Surgery, and in Los Angeles for at least an additional week so that Dr. Sinclair can closely monitor your progress. You will begin your daily vaginal dilation routine as soon as Dr. Sinclair removes your bandages, vaginal packing, and urinary catheter.

You should not submerge yourself in water for eight weeks, perform strenuous activities for eight weeks, or have intercourse for three months following your procedure.

What are the Risks of Vaginoplasty?

As with all surgeries there are a few risks associated with Vaginoplasty, but complications from vaginoplasty are very rare. You should contact our office immediately if you experience bleeding or infection, tissue necrosis, ruptured sutures, the inability to urinate, or vaginal prolapse.

What is the Vaginal Dilation Process Like?

Dilation will be a daily routine for you post-operatively. If you do not dilate, you will begin to lose depth, resulting in your vaginal canal permanently closing. Patients should dilate at least 3 times a day, for 15-20 minutes each session.

Dilation is usually described as uncomfortable at first, but not painful. After the first few months, it should become a very simple and easy routine without any discomfort or discomfort. After the first year post-op, many patients begin dilating once a day without any loss of depth.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Alexander Sinclair?

Your physical transition is a deeply personal journey, and Dr. Alexander Sinclair is here to be your guide. As you begin to align your external appearance with your internal identity, you’ll need a doctor and surgeon with the experience to walk with you. Dr. Sinclair has dedicated his life to helping the transgender community fully realize who they are and he holds this responsibility in the highest esteem.

Your courage in seeking gender confirmation surgery is not something we take lightly, and we know the anticipation you must feel as you make each step. Dr. Sinclair views it as a privilege to be able to lend his surgical skill and artistry to sculpting the beautiful work of art you are. If you allow him to guide you through your transition, he will do everything in his power to honor the trust you’ve placed in him.

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