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Top Transgender Surgeon Beverly Hills - Dr. Alexander Sinclair

Gender transition is a process that begins long before a person decides to walk through the door to a plastic surgeon’s office. As many of Dr. Sinclair’s patients describe it, transition is not about changing who they are, it’s about physically manifesting who they’ve always really been. In many cases, the gender transition process is demarcated by two major phases: The first is a social phase, in which a person publicly confirms the name, attire, expression, and behavior of their true gender; adjusting the way their closest friends and family see and interact with them. Usually, this affirmation of gender coincides with Hormone Replacement Therapy. Typically, after a person has begun to adjust to their new outward gender expression and the changes that come with it, the second phase begins. This is the stage in which a person seeks surgical procedures to permanently affirm their sex and gender, as they define it.

If you are considering taking bold new steps towards your own gender affirmation, you’ve come to the right place. For many years, Dr. Alexander Sinclair has made it his mission to serve the transgender community as a plastic surgeon, doctor, and public advocate. Throughout your transition and transgender surgery process in Los Angeles, Dr. Sinclair and his dedicated staff will work closely with you to physically manifest the beauty of who you truly are.

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What is Transgender Surgery?

Transgender surgery is not a single procedure. Rather, it’s a series of surgeries that are designed to bring your physical appearance into harmony with your true gender identity. Dr. Sinclair utilizes an array of advanced surgical procedures to create permanent physical changes for transgender individuals, to minimize Gender Dysphoria, and increase their quality of life. This does not mean that a person is having surgery to switch sexes or genders, but that a person is affirming the gender and sex that they actually are.

As such, we do not view all transgender surgery options as purely cosmetic or elective procedures. Many insurance plans agree with our perspective, as they are now covering transgender surgery as a medically necessary means to treat Gender Dysphoria. Every day it seems like our society is updating its understanding of who transgender people are, and what gender transition is.

What are my Transgender Surgery Options?

Not every person who seeks external transformation wants to change every aspect of their physical appearance, and that is perfectly OK. Your gender transition is personal, and the journey you take is unique. Dr. Sinclair’s goal is to create the changes that you envision, not to squeeze you into a uniform “masculine” or “feminine” template. Each gender surgery procedure you seek will be discussed at length during your in-depth consultation. As always, Dr. Sinclair wants his patients to be as informed as possible about their options, and confident in their choices for their own personal transition.

  • Trans-feminine Surgery is a series of procedures designed to realize and increase your feminine beauty. These procedures include breast augmentation, buttock and hip enhancement, body contouring, hair grafting, facial feminization, tracheal shave, and Gender Confirmation Surgery (Vaginoplasty, SRS, GRS). Dr. Sinclair has the experience and aesthetic skill to create that special, undeniably feminine allure for his patients.
  • Trans-masculine Surgery is a set of procedures designed to craft a masculine appearance that matches your identity. These procedures include FTM top surgery (Double mastectomy with areola and nipple reduction/reconstruction), facial masculinization, masculinizing body toning, and metoidioplasty. With Dr. Sinclair’s artistic eye and expert surgical ability, you’ll be able to engage with the world confidently in your body.

How Has Transgender Surgery Improved Over the Years?

Though it’s not often talked about in the public sphere, transgender surgery has a deep and storied history. In 1931, Dora Richter became the first woman to seek transgender surgery on the public stage, and transition before the eyes of society. Today, it’s estimated that 1.4 million Americans identify as transgender.

Thanks to the courageous community pioneers and medical specialists who came before us, there is now an established holistic approach for the treatment of transgender individuals. The transgender medical field is vast, including general medicine, mental health support, endocrinology, issues of fertility, as well as a variety of cutting edge surgical procedures.

What is the Process for Gender Affirming Surgery?

The first step in your journey is to make sure you have a support system made up of people whom you love and trust. Although this is an exciting time in your life, there will almost certainly be ups and downs throughout this process. When going through hormone therapy and multiple surgical procedures, the importance of having a circle of loved ones cannot be overstated. It’s also very important that you develop a clear vision of how you want your transition to go, and have a map of you will reach your destination. Planning all of this out with a mental health professional who is educated in transgender health is highly recommended. When you reach the surgical stage of your transition, you will be able to sit down with Dr. Sinclair and discuss how to fully realize your plans for gender transition, so you can confidently reach your goals.

Each patient is unique and has individual ideas for their transformation. This means that each patient Dr. Sinclair works with can expect compassion, understanding, and honest dialogue. This is an exciting time in your life, and Dr. Sinclair’s office strives to be here for you as guides. He considers it a true privilege to be able to offer a helping hand for so many patients’ personal transformations.

Will Health Insurance Cover my Gender Confirmation Surgery?

Slowly but surely, a growing number of insurance companies are covering various gender confirming surgeries. The staff in Dr. Sinclair’s office is well versed with various insurance providers and plans, and is here to guide you through the approval process. While there may be necessary appeals, copays, deductibles, or procedures that insurance plans are not yet covering, our goal is to make all aspects of applying insurance coverage as easy as possible for you. Typically, California-based insurance plans or branches have a high approval rate for transgender surgical procedures. Dr. Sinclair and his staff will do everything in their power to advocate for you to get insurance coverage for your transition surgical procedures.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Alexander Sinclair?

Dr. Alexander Sinclair has dedicated his life to assisting the transgender community as a surgeon and as a social, political, and community advocate. He understands the significance of what his patients have been through, and where they want to go. He seeks to meet you where you are, and to complete your transformation with compassion, understanding, and artistry. His unique skillset, experience with transgender patients, and expert surgical ability makes him a great choice as your surgeon. There is a lot to consider, but take a step back and relax. You’ve come to the right place, and your journey is about to truly begin.

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